Sunday, June 28, 2009

Global Communication

I am in a Global Communication Conference here in Washington DC and I would like to share with you the information that I'm learning.

Use New literacy

Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting, Video sharing, social networking- (taking it global), & the use of web/video conferencing. Include the use of youtube and or DVD for a teaching tool such as short presentations.
A. Introductions & Overviews
B. Lecture Summaries

Make a short video of yourself presenting your information so that you cover all ground (Student absentes, those not paying attention, etc...) This give the students an oppertunity to go back and review information over and over again for understanding.
Things included in-order to become more of an effective teacher would be to become a co-learner, to collaborate with other teachers for gain teacher strengths, and letting up on control in-order to learn with the kids.

The use of this is a great teaching tool for group exercises, must check out the laptop carts.
The ability of video conferencing- class to class, this is great for sharing lectures, therefore teachers can rotate on lectures from time to time.

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